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Profile: Painter, Teacher, Art Professor

Professional Experience:

  • Teaching posts in elementary, high school and university levels
  • Research professor “Group 9:
  • Research and Specialization Centre for Education.
  • Ministry of Education, Chile.
  • Director of Educational Experimental Artistic School 1964-1972
  • Manager of the Educational Experimental Artistic School 1964-1972
  • Teacher of Painting and Drawing for the Educational Experimental Artistic School of Chile 1954
  • Teacher on Drawing & Coloring of the Faculty of Theatre at the University of Chile
  • Documentary Drawing teacher for the “Canteros School”.
  • Ministry of Education, Chile
  • Assistant teacher for the faculty of Fine Arts 1945
  • Ministry of Education, Chile
  • Professor, Undersecretary of Education
  • Guest Professor at the Institute for Free Studies INSUMA. Fine Arts
  • Teacher of Specialization Courses in Fine Arts.
  • Puerto Montt and Lebu 1966
  • Ministry of Education, Chile
  • Professor of Scholastic Organization and Administration for the Artistic Activities at the Educational Interamerican Institute of Music O.E.A. University of Chile
  • Teacher for Fine Arts workshop for children for the commune in the city of Netzahualcoyotl, Mexico
  • Advisor for the Curriculum planning for the school of Fine Arts U.N.A.M. ENAP 1979- 1987


  • Commission President (1965-1966) Fine Arts Study
  • Program Educational Reform
  • Interdisciplinary Artistic Commission between the Artistic Experimental School and the School of Fine Arts, University of Chile 1972


  • Retrospectiva 1973 - 2003, Chile, México y Canadá
  • Museum of Contemporary Art. Santiago- Chile 2003-2004
  • Galeria Arte Moderno, Mexico 1951
  • Taller 14 Santiago – Chile
  • Panamerican University of Washington
  • Mural School No. 50 in Santiago - Chile
  • Mural at Cuidad del Niño, Liceo A-62 Music Hall, Santiago (Fresco)
  • Mural on Educational Reform 1967, Santiago- Chile
  • Vocational Orientation. Ministry of Education
  • Retrospective Vision of Basic and Normal Teaching 1954
  • Comissioner for the Etching Exposition at the National Museum of Fine Arts. Santiago- Chile
  • Comissioner for Contest of Human Rights 1955
  • Student under his direction won the competition


  • La Nacion, June 2 1957 , Chile
  • “Critique’ La nacion 12-04-1957 by Carlos Mermosilla
  • Exhibition by Ricardo Bindis
  • Critique La Nacion 18-08-1957
  • Exhibition Emilio Canepa
  • Critique Calicanto, Chile
  • Art magazine, University of Chile
  • Mexican Mural Magazine, University of Chile
  • R. Calicante
  • Critique, Chile
  • A Chilean Artist: Maria Fuentecalba
  • Exhibition by Mireya Lafuente
  • La Nacion 1957
  • Report to the International Congress of the Brasil Museum
  • Conference of Mexican painting
  • United Nations Diplomatic Corps.
  • Gabriela Mistral in Veracruz.
  • Article Magazine of Education, Chile
  • Documentary Drawning program. Chile 1956
  • Illustrations on various books and magazines
  • Director on final projects for Graphic Design Careers.
  • UNAM/ENAM, Mexico 1986


  • Osvaldo Reyes. Promoter of the Muralist Adventure in Chile
  • Ultimas noticias 11/V/1957, Chile
  • Modern Painting in USA
  • Ultimas Noticias 1956, Chile
  • The Weekly exhibitions
  • Zig Zag Magazine
  • Exhibition of Drawings and Paintings by his students at the
  • Experimental School.
  • Ultimas Noticias
  • Mural to Piroxilina. Chile
  • La Nacion
  • Forum of Mexican and American Art with:
  • David Alfaro Siqueiros
  • Adrian Villagomez
  • F. Marcos
  • C. Cereceda
  • Diego Rivera
  • ( Mexico )
  • Assistant to Gabriela Mistral in Veracruz


  • Diploma for the First Festival on infantile creations 1969
  • Diploma Escuela Normal de Chillan
  • First Prize, Painting, 1938


  • Artistic Experimental School presents plaque on his honor


  • Honorary Member of Fundarte  Latinoamarica
    An not-for-profit cultural organization dedicated to promoting the Latin American community's artistic development in Canada.
  • Artist Member of the Art Gallery Of Ontario


  • ENAP-UNAM Conference of Art 1978
  • Academic Advisor. Graduate School 1979-1980
  • Science Art School Technology Fair 1981
  • Latinamerican Art School Fair 1981
  • Academic Coordinator of Extension Courses, UNAM 1982
  • Director of Final Project in Graphic Design Careers,
  • Communications and Visual Arts at the National Fine Arts School ENAP 1986-1988
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